Gemma Sahwell


Gemma Sahwell, Barnard College class of 2019, is majoring in Environmental Science with special interests in climate science and oceanography.  She has been working for the K=1 Project since the end of her freshman year at Barnard. In the summer of 2017 Gemma was involved in the K=1 Project research trip in the Marshall Islands and also trained in Mexico to obtain the Technical Diving Tec 50 certification, that allows her to dive at depths down to 165 feet. Gemma is again a core team member of the 2018 K=1 Project research expedition to the Marshall Islands, which will focus on monitoring the radiological contamination of ocean sediment.  

Around campus Gemma is a part of various activist groups, including Columbia/Barnard Students for Justice in Palestine and Columbia University Apartheid Divest. Gemma hopes to continue to combine her interest in human rights and scientific research while continuing to work on the K1 project and plans to carry these passions with her in her future career.