Mónica Rouco-Molina

Assistant Director

Dr. Mónica Rouco graduated from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain, in 2006, with a degree in Veterinary Medicine with honors, and earned a PhD in Microbial Biology, also from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, in 2011.

Before her position as the Assistant Director of the K1 project, Dr. Rouco spent over 10 years performing research in the field of Marine Microbiology and Oceanography in leading international research centers such as Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (US), National Oceanographic Center of Southampton (England), and Columbia University (US). Her research focused on investigating the effect of environmental change, like global warming, nutrient alteration, or ocean acidification, on microbial communities in aquatic ecosystems.

Dr. Rouco also has a strong commitment to education. She taught the Frontiers of Science course from 2014 to 2017, a science course required for all Columbia College freshmen, and has mentored numerous undergraduate and graduate students in the development of research and education projects.  She is extremely devoted to the translation of scientific topics and discoveries to a general audience, and she has developed and implemented many science outreach programs over her career.

Dr. Rouco brings to K1 her experience in environmental research, her interest in global social issues, and her commitment to education. She is eager to contribute to the distribution of K1 discoveries across the globe, in order to inform international discussion on nuclear issues.