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Enewetak Atoll

Over the years, the K1=Project, Center for Nuclear Studies, has supported educational programs through which many students have performed outstanding projects focused on the exploration and discussion of issues related to nuclear weapons and nuclear power. Student participation happens both during the Academic year, for undergraduate students on the Columbia University campus, and the summer period. The K1 Project is an interdisciplinary effort, attracting students of all backgrounds and majors. Projects include diverse efforts, such as research development, research and science outreach article writing, science communication, web design, illustration, film production, outreach, and fundraising.

We are open and excited for any new ideas and passions students bring. In order for us to know more about you and to better inform you of current or upcoming educational opportunities in the center, please send the following materials to [email protected]:

  • CV/Resume.
  • Transcript
  • “Interest/Skill Form”: download here.
  • Statement of interest: Based on your experience, skills and interest area within K1, let us know what interest you about our center and elaborate on the type of activities you would like to be involved on and why.

The mission of the K1 Project is to facilitate informed discussion of nuclear issues among the public, to ultimately pave the way to greater support for needed regulation and other threat-reducing initiatives. This, we believe, starts by educating younger generations, with the hope of nullifying the effect of misleading information in the mass media.

To arrange a lecture, discussion, or hands-on activity at your Center, contact us at [email protected].

Many have been directly or indirectly involved in some aspect of the history of nuclear development. The K1 Project, Center for Nuclear Studies, supports the understanding of nuclear development and nuclear history. In order to discuss the future, we need to understand the past. If you have a personal story, relevant to the discussion of nuclear issues, which you would like to tell, we would love to hear.

Please contact us at [email protected].

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