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Students have been writing articles for K=1 since our inception. We cover everything from nuclear energy to the complicated politics around nuclear weapons.

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From documentary to animation, we sponsor movies made by young people - all to raise awareness about nuclear issues. Happy viewing!


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April 26, 2020

Chernobyl Anniversary and New Course at Columbia

As we reflect on the 34th anniversary of Chernobyl and its relevance to the current public health crisis, Prof. Emlyn Hughes is making plans to teach a new course in Columbia's summer session. The course will be entitled Chernobyl.

February 16, 2020

K=1 Project's recent research in the Marshall Islands

In a series of studies conducted in the Marshall Islands in the midst of the Pacific Ocean, K=1 Project researchers found that the effects of the United States’ nuclear weapons testing remain apparent more than sixty years after the bomb detonations ended in the atoll chain.