We seek to create

an environment that encourages informed, scientifically-guided public discussion of the issues surrounding nuclear technologies, by offering educational programs and creating resources that can be used by the non-specialized public, with the hope of nullifying the effect of misleading information in the mass media, and ultimately paving the way to greater support for needed regulation and other threat-reducing initiatives.

Though recent years have witnessed a revitalization of scholarly and public interest in the topic of nuclear technologies, there has not been a corresponding increase in the extent of involvement by scientists in the pursuit of needed policy and the education of the public. The K1 Project, Center for Nuclear Studies at Columbia University, seeks to rectify this situation by providing opportunities to prepare future scientist and scholars to become leaders and experts on the topic of nuclear technologies.

The K1 Project began centered around its undergraduate programs, reflecting the view that the younger generation must be prepared today for the heavy responsibilities they will inherit in the future. Through these programs, bright and promising students have had the chance to tackle complicated issues relating to nuclear weapons and power in a hands-on manner, preparing them to take leadership roles relating to these topics.

The K1 Project provides unique and innovative opportunities for fresh and insightful research. This website provides material selected and produced by the K1 team to promote individual research on topics related to both nuclear power production and nuclear weapons.

Through the available links to short videos, interviews, articles and research papers, anyone can delve into a related topic and obtain a deeper understanding of nuclear proliferation and nuclear energy production.

Starting from this greater understanding of the matter, it is possible to establish a respectful and fruitful discussion about these issues – a key objective of the K1 Project. To ignite this debate, the K1 project provides a forum through its website in which the public can confront different ideas and perspectives with one another. In order to truly achieve a constructive discussion, we invite the users to use factual evidence to advance or challenge ideas.

The members of the K1 Project strongly believe in the value of a public discussion on nuclear topics. Related issues such as nuclear weapons, radiation, and the need to produce clean energy influence all of us, regardless of where we live in the world. In order to make informed decisions and be aware of the risks that surround us, it is necessary to learn through active research and debate.


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