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From documentary to animation, we sponsor movies made by young people that are free to watch - all to raise awareness and inspire conversation about nuclear issues. Happy viewing!


A Marshallese woman with a photo of radiation burns

Marshalling Peace

Follow the Marshall Islands' legal team as they head to battle with some of the most powerful countries in the world, in an effort to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

Critical Generation

The world has to make some major decisions about whether and how to pursue nuclear energy, and millenials are going to soon find themselves at the center of the debate.

Chain Reaction

With nuclear technology as popular as ever, the risks have only recently become totally clear.



Amalia: Illustration by Etienne Cipriani


In an alternate-history fantasy about the Cuban Missile Crisis, a woman who lives in purgatory must guide victims of a nuclear tragedy into the after-life.

Hiroshima Girl: Illustration by Etienne Cipriani

Hiroshima Girl

A uranium smuggler finds himself haunted by the ghost of a young girl who died at the bombing of Hiroshima.

Before Recently: Illustration by Etienne Cipriani

Before Recently

Two young Brooklynites are grappling with terrible news, but when a dirty bomb explodes in Manhattan it changes the way they view everything.


The Little Puppy: Illustration by Etienne Cipriani

Fall 2016

The Little Puppy That Could (Stop Motion Animation)

A kind-hearted puppy lost in a post-apocalyptic world encounters a village of human survivors that are being tormented by a radioactive creature.

A school in the Marshall Islands

Spring 2017

Untitled Ebeye Documentary

Between 1946 and 1958, the United States tested 67 nuclear weapons on a tiny island nation. The people and the land were exposed to dangerous levels of radiation and the effects still linger to this day, some almost too intricate and far-reaching to believe. 


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