Beverly Newoj Johnson


Beverly Newoj Johnson is from the Republic of the Marshall Islands. She is a sophomore, studying Environmental Studies at Bennington College in Vermont, Class of 2021. She is eager to learn more about nuclear power production and nuclear weapons. Her main goal at K=1 is to shine a light on the social and environmental injustices the Marshall Islands’ faced during and post Nuclear Weapons Testing in Bikini and Enewetak beginning in 1946. She’s looking forward to finding innovative ways to get information out to the general public through the help of her peers. She has high hopes that this horrifying part of history will be incorporated in Marshall Islands school curricula, as well as to promote individual research on this topic. This, she believes, will be a helpful tool that increases local engagement.

In her spare time, Beverly enjoys strumming her ukulele and singing old Marshallese classics. She also loves both playing and watching basketball.