Interview: Astrid Schneider

K=1 Project
May 10, 2016

Topic: Nuclear Ideology, Risks, Costs

Astrid Schneider discusses the German decision to phase out of nuclear energy, the future of renewable energy sources, and the economic comparison between fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and renewables. Ms. Schneider has been the head of the Energy Working Group of the German Green Party since 2007, and she co-authored Storfall Atomkraft, which was published in 2012. An architect and specialized author in the field of solar architecture and building-integrated solar systems, (BIPV), Ms. Schneider has been a member of Eurosolar since 1989, and she is also a member of the scientific board of Energy Watch Group. From 2009 to 2011, Ms. Schneider was a member of the city of Berlin's Parliament. Her current projects include solar architecture, design of BIPV, and product development of BIPV.