Interview: Geoff Parks

K=1 Project
May 10, 2012

Topic: Accidents, Waste, Policy, Proliferation, and New Technologies

Dr. Geoff Parks, senior lecturer of nuclear engineering in the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering, discusses nuclear energy in the context of the incident in Fukushima and the problem of nuclear waste disposal. Looking at the issues from the angles of both science and policy, Dr. Parks identifies the major decisions that must be made for nuclear technologies to continue to develop, including the question of proliferation. 

Dr. Geoff Parks has held the position of senior lecturer at the University of Cambridge since 1996. Previously, Dr. Parks served as a research fellow and later a senior research associate at Cambridge University Department of Engineering, funded by Nuclear Electric plc. He is currently the head of the computational design group in the Cambridge University Department of Engineering. The group is focused on application of advanced optimization methods to real world problems in a wide variety of areas including aerodynamic and nuclear technologies. Dr. Parks is also a research leader within the Cambridge Nuclear Energy Centre and his focus largely centers on the design, operation, and control of nuclear reactor systems with particular interest in in-core fuel management. Dr. Parks in currently collaborating with Dr. William Nuttall, also of Cambridge University, on a project related to sub-critical thorium based particle accelerator systems and the potential of such systems to manage the nuclear waste problem through transmutation. Dr. Parks received his BA in engineering and his PhD in nuclear engineering from the University of Cambridge.