Interview: Ian Hore-Lacy

K=1 Project
May 10, 2016

Topic: Germany, Atomic Potential, Fukushima

Ian Hore-Lacy, the Director of Public Communications for the World Nuclear Association (WNA), presents his opinion on recent developments in policy regarding nuclear energy as well as the major challenges facing nuclear power today. 

The WNA is an international organization that both promotes nuclear energy and supports the corporations that constitute the nuclear energy industry. As Director of Public Communications, Mr. Hore-Lacy is responsible for the majority of the explanatory reports and publications produced by the organization. Prior to his work with the WNA, Mr. Hore-Lacy was the general manager of the Uranium Information Centre, a purveyor of information related to uranium and the nuclear energy cycle. Mr. Hore-Lacy has particular interest in both the technical and ethical aspects of mineral resource use, especially in relation to nuclear energy. In addition to numerous publications through the WNA, Ian has written several books on mining, environmental, and economic issues related to nuclear energy, including "Nuclear Energy," a comprehensive overview of the topic of nuclear power generation. In 2010, "Nuclear Energy" was published as "Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century" by the World Nuclear Institute.