Interview: Robin Grimes

K=1 Project
May 10, 2016

Topic: New Technologies, Waste, Fukushima, Public Opinion

Robin Grimes, professor at Imperial College in London, talks about the complications of using nuclear power and the possibility of its use in the future. He overviews waste disposal, alternative fuels, as well as the political and public opinions surrounding nuclear energy in countries such as France and Germany. 

Professor of Material Physics and director of the Center for Nuclear Engineering at Imperial College in London, Dr. Robin Grimes is an expert in the field of nuclear energy and technology. Dr. Grimes has written extensively about the behavior of nuclear materials and recently published an article in Science entitled "Generating the Option of a Two-Stage Nuclear Renaissance." He is currently on the editorial boards of Journal of Materials Science and Journal of Nuclear Materials, and he also acts as Specialist Advisor to the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee for its consideration of nuclear research requirements.