Interview: William Nuttall

K=1 Project
May 10, 2016

Topic: Fukushima, Nuclear Renaissance, Energy Policy

Fukushima disaster and discusses the long term prospect of nuclear energy by looking closely at issues surrounding cost and politics. 

Dr. Nuttall is a university senior lecturer in technology policy in a joint position at the Judge Business School of the University Cambridge and the University of Cambridge Engineering Department. He is also director of the Management of Technology and Innovation programme and the assistant director of the electricity policy research group at Cambridge University. Dr. Nuttall's current research focuses on energy technologies and public policy, specifically nuclear energy, the nuclear fuel cycle, and the potential of advanced nuclear technologies. As a research leader at the Cambridge Nuclear Energy Centre, Dr. Nuttall is currently working with Dr. Geoff Parks of the Cambridge University Engineering Department on a project related to subcritical thorium based particle accelerator systems. In addition to his academic pursuits, Dr. Nuttall is currently the treasurer of the Thorium Energy Amplifier Association and of the Institute of Physics Group in Nonlinear and Complex Physics. He is the author of the book Nuclear Renaissance (Taylor & Francis 2005) and co-editor of the book Future Electricity Technologies and Systems (CUP 2006). Dr. Nuttall holds a Bachelor's degree in Physics from the University of East Anglia and a PhD in Technology Policy from MIT.