Tony de Brum, the Pacific nation’s Climate Ambassador, passes away at the age of 72

August 24, 2017

The K1 Project joins the international community in mourning the passing of Tony de Brum, the Pacific nation’s Climate Ambassador and former Foreign Minister of the Marshall Islands, in the Central Pacific.

Tony de Brum was a real warrior. During his life, he led the Marshall Islands towards the independence from the United States, and tirelessly advocated for nuclear disarmament and climate-change negotiations. In words of Marshall Islands President, Hilda Heine, “The very existence of the Paris Agreement owes a lot to Tony de Brum […]. He was a giant of history, a legend in every meaning of the word, and a custodian of our shared future.”

To know more about Tony de Brum life, see obituary here.

Members of the K1 Project had the honor to meet Tony de Brum and interact with him both in the Marshall Islands and New York City. He is featured in K1 Project film, Marshalling Peace, and he visited Columbia University in the spring of 2016 to participate in a discussion panel to support his constant mission of increasing the awareness of nuclear issues. See below for more information.

K1 Project interviews Tony de Brum in the Marshall Islands

Tony de Brum featured in K1 Project documentary, Marshalling Peace

A panel discussion on climate change and the nuclear legacy of the Republic of the Marshall Islands with Tony de Brum, Hilda Heine, President of the Marshall Islands, and other officials.